Warm n' Cozy
Release Date December 19, 2013
Avail. Duration Permanent
Kingdom / Movie Beauty and the Beast
Location East Wing
Scene Type Kingdom Scene
Search Style Object Plus
Max Stars 5 Stars
Fuel Cost 12
Imagination Ink Cost N/A
XP 150 XP
Ink Gargoyle Grey Blue Ink Purple Ink Glitter Ink
Star Paper House
Warm n' Cozy 1

Screenshot of the first of two of the Warm n' Cozy scenes

Warm n' Cozy is the first scene available to the player where if the object with the timer, the object will be colored blue with a stopwatch icon in the list of objects, is found before the timer runs out, the player can view and play a second scene. Failing to find the object in time results in the stage ending, and only getting half the XP. The first scene of the two has the player searching for specific objects, while the second secne has the player search for specific spots on the scene based on pictures shown.
Warm n' Cozy 2

Screenshot of the second scene from Warn n' Cozy.