The main content of the game is grouped into kingdoms, each one representing the story of one of Disney's animation movies. Each kingdom involves completing quests to restore the storyline of the movie. The Beauty and the Beast kingdom is the first kingdom available to the player when starting the game. After completing the storyline quests for Beauty and the Beast, the player will be able to unlock the next kingdom, Tangled, and so forth.

List of Kingdoms

Kingdom Release Date How to Unlock
Beauty and the Beast December 19, 2013 Available at start
Tangled December 19, 2013 Complete Beauty and the Beast and
craft the Tangled Compass
Aladdin December 19, 2013 Complete Tangled and
craft the Aladdin Compass
The Little Mermaid December 27, 2013 Complete Aladdin and
craft the Little Mermaid Compass
Brave January 14, 2014 Complete The Little Mermaid and
craft the Brave Compass
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs March 5, 2014 Complete Aladdin (Night Fall) and craft the Snow White Compass
Peter Pan May 23, 2014 Complete Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and craft the Peter Pan Compass

Special Kingdoms

Kingdom Release Date How to Unlock
Olive's Island February 14, 2014 Complete Aladdin

Additional Movies / Shows

The following movies and shows have had featured scenes, scenes made available for a limited time (typically 24-48 hours), released within the game, however, do not have their own official kingdom.

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