Jasmine's Balcony
Jasmine's Balcony
Release Date February 27, 2014
Inventory Limit 1

Jasmine's Balcony is the seventh item that needs to be crafted to complete the Aladdin (Night Fall) storyline.


Ingredients Crafting Time XP Reward Item Reward
Paper Lantern + Jafar Red + Curtains + Lantern 10:00:00 Crafting Duration (HH:MM:SS) 1000 XP N/A
6 7 1 1


Kingdom / Movie Location Scene Name Search Style XP Reward Ink Reward Star Reward Max Stars
(Night Fall)
Agrabah Magic Carpet Ride Object+ Search 200 XP Desert Sand Red Ink Glow Ink Glitter Ink Sultan's Crackers Paper Lantern 5 Stars
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