Gift Ink
Gift Ink
Release Date December 19, 2013
Inventory Limit 15
To Buy 10 Amount of Gems needed to buy one unit.

Gift Ink is used to craft some of the later items needed to complete quests, upgrade the various locations within kingdoms, as well as unlock new kingdoms.

Gift Ink can either be crafted or a request can be sent to a friend to send you one.

Another way to obtain Gift Ink, without purchasing them with Gems, is through the daily login bonus, which is provided as the reward for logging in after four consecutive days. Note that the daily login bonus does not reset after reaching the fifth day, instead, continually logging into the game after the fifth day will continue to provide the two packs of 3 Fuel canisters.


Ingredients Crafting Time XP Reward Item Reward
Primary Palette + Secondary Palette + Metallic Ink + Glitter Ink 10:00:00 Crafting Duration (HH:MM:SS) 25XP N/A
5 3 5 5

Used to Craft

Rewarded From

Additional Information

  • As part of the February 14, 2014 update...
    • Gift Ink was recategorized as a Tool rather than an Ink.
    • Gift Ink was made craftable, adding a second method to obtaining the ink in addition to requesting friends.


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