Gems serve as the game's currency that is used to purchase inks or items for crafting, to immediately complete crafting an item, or to purchase more Fuel to continue playing. This serves as a method for players who do not want to repeat playing scenes or waiting to continue playing.

Obtaining Gems...

In addition to purchasing Gems with real money, the game offers additional methods of obtaining Gems as lited below:

  • When increasing a level, the player is rewarded with 1 Gem.
  • Playing the Imagination Ink scene will earn 1 Gem for each mastery star achieved.
  • Various offers and giveaways on the Disney Hidden Worlds Facebook page.

Additional Information

  • Starting with the Princess Chrona Imagination Ink Scene released on February 27, 2014, only 1 Gem was rewarded for all mastery stars achieved, rather than receiving 2 Gems at the 4th mastery star and 3 Gems at the 5th mastery star.