A screenshot of the Aladdin kingdom during night fall.

Revisit Aladdin and Jasmine and restore light back to the Aladdin kingdom. The villain spreading dark ink among the Disney kingdom strikes again, this time spreading darkness over the Aladdin kingdom. Play through seven new scenes and help make the sun shine again.

To Unlock

To start the Aladdin (Night Fall) storyline, the player must have completed the Tangled (Night Fall) storyline. Once completed, the first quest to start Aladdin (Night Fall), Go Back to Aladdin, will be available.


The Aladdin (Night Fall) quest has the player revisit the Aladdin kingdom and play through new scenes at the same Locations as before.


Night Fall Scene(s)

The Night Fall storyline for Aladdin introduces seven new scenes for the player to go through.

Location Scene Name Search Style XP Reward Ink / Item Reward Star Reward Max Stars How to Unlock
Cave You're the Boss Object Search 100 XP Genie Blue Orange Ink Glow Ink Purple Ink Sultan's Turban Paper Lantern 5 Stars During the quest Where's the Sultan?,
craft and use the Neon Sign at the Cave.
Oasis Making Magic Picture Search 100 XP Carpet Purple Red Ink Glow Ink Metallic Ink Sultan's Throne Paper Lantern 5 Stars During the quest Extra Desert,
craft and use the Table for Two at the Oasis.
Agrabah Blame the Parents Object Search 100 XP Scarab Gold Blue Ink Glow Ink Orange Ink Sultan's Elephant Statue Paper Lantern 5 Stars During the quest Coal and Hot,
craft and use the Hot Foot at Agrabah.
Agrabah Come on Down Object Search 100 XP Scarab Gold Yellow Ink Glow Ink Green Ink Sultan's Underwear Paper Lantern 5 Stars During the quest Sands of Time,
craft and use the Magic Sand at Agrabah.
Agrabah Make Way Picture Search 100 XP Scarab Gold Orange Ink Glow Ink Metallic Ink Sultan's Agrabah Model Paper Lantern 5 Stars During the quest Fired Up,
craft and use the Flaming Baton at Agrabah.
Palace Twisted Picture Search 100 XP Jafar Red Yellow Ink Glow Ink Metallic Ink Sultan's Toys Paper Lantern 5 Stars During the quest The Mystic Blue Diamond,
craft and use the Lightning Magic at the Palace.
Courtyard Magic Carpet Ride Object+ Search 200 XP Desert Sand Red Ink Glow Ink Glitter Ink Sultan's Crackers Paper Lantern 5 Stars During the quest Courtly Light,
craft and use the Jasmine's Balcony at the Courtyard.


Quest XP Reward Item Rewards Requirements
Go Back to Aladdin 200 XP N/A Complete Tangled (Night Fall)
Bring Light Back to Aladdin 300 XP N/A Complete Go Back to Aladdin
Where's the Sultan? 175 XP N/A Complete Go Back to Aladdin
Caved In 175 XP N/A Complete Where's the Sultan?
Extra Desert 175 XP N/A Complete Caved In
You're a Card 175 XP N/A Complete Extra Desert
Coal and Hot 175 XP N/A Complete You're a Card
Arabian Nights 175 XP N/A Complete Coal and Hot
Sands of Time 200 XP N/A Complete Arabian Nights
Under Where? 200 XP N/A Complete Sands of Time
Fired Up 200 XP N/A Complete Under Where?
Don't Rain on It 200 XP N/A Complete Fired Up
The Mystic Blue Diamond 200 XP N/A Complete Don't Rain on It
Animal Stackers 225 XP N/A Complete The Mystic Blue Diamond
Courtly Light 225 XP N/A Complete Animal Stackers
Going Crackers 225 XP N/A Complete Courtly Light
Spying the Sultan 225 XP Sun Complete Going Crackers
Desert Sun 225 XP N/A Complete Spying the Sultan
The Memory Gem (Aladdin) 225 XP N/A Complete Desert Sun


Quest Items

The following are the items unique to the Aladdin (Night Fall) storylinethat the player will need to craft to progress and restore light to the kingdom.

Item Ingredients
Neon Sign
Paper Lantern + Jafar Red + Yellow Lighting + Neon Letters
3 5 1 1
Table for Two
Paper Lantern + Genie Blue + Candle + Bottle
3 4 1 1
Hot Foot
Paper Lantern + Carpet Purple + Primary Palette + Coals
4 4 2 3
Magic Sand
Paper Lantern + Scarab Gold + Cool Palette + Sand Grains
5 5 2 3
Flaming Baton
Paper Lantern + Scarab Gold + Warm Palette + Flame
5 6 3 2
Lightning Magic
Paper Lantern + Scarab Gold + Blue Diamond + Hourglass
6 6 1 1
Jasmine's Balcony
Paper Lantern + Jafar Red + Curtains + Lantern
6 7 1 1
Daytime (Aladdin)
Sun + Paper Lantern + Glow Ink + Sunshine Ink
1 3 10 5


Character Required Items
Sultan's Turban + Sultan's Throne + Sultan's Elephant Statue + Sultan's Underwear + Sultan's Agrabah Model + Sultan's Toys + Sultan's Crackers
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